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. los angeles may seem like an odd place to search for answers to ptsd. but the department of defense is finding encouraging results through partnerships with research institutes like the one at usc. skip riz izzo has experience in systems. >> buttoned down as the military why would they come to you guys for help? >> we're the odd alliance of hollywood, the military and academe ya bu academia. come from an interdisciplinary coming-together of people with different levels of expertise that can create something where the whe whole is greater than te sum of its parts. what we have seen over the past ten years is that the advances that have mapped in the area of technology have -- happened in the area of technology, making a difference for service members and veterans when they come back, the psychological difficulties. >> the institute for creative technology has created bravemind, a clinical interactive virtual reality tool. subjects are gradually immersed in environments to which they were deployed. from a remote afghan village to an iraqi marketplace, to recreate the situation that br
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1